JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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When “O.S.D.” is set to “ON” ( pg. 49), various operational indicators appear on the TV screen.
A Operation Mode Indicators
B Tape Speed SP/LP/EP
C Tape Direction
D Index MARK Indicator pg. 24
E Counter Display
F Tape Remaining Time Indicator pg. 25
G Audio Mode Display pg. 23
H Tape Position Indicator
The tape position indicator
appears on the TV screen
when you press
3 or
5 from the Stop mode
or perform an Index Search
pg. 22). The position of
q” in relation to “0”
(beginning) or “+” (end)
shows you where you are
on the tape.
Depending on the type of tape being used, the tape position
indicator may not appear correctly.
I VPS/PDC Indicator pg. 29, 31
J Type of Broadcast pg. 26
K Current Day/Month/Year
L Clock Display
M Channel Position Number and Station Name/
Auxiliary Input Indicator (L-1, L-2, F-1, S-1 or
* When “L-2 SELECT” is set to “SAT” (pg. 43), “SAT” appears
instead of “L-2”.
N Timer Warning Display
A warning appears on the TV screen to tell you that the
timer-recording is to start in 5 minutes if you’re not in the
Timer mode at that time. The warning blinks for the entire 5
minutes leading up to the start of timer recording. To clear
the display, press
& on the remote control.
S-VHS ET Indicator
(S-VHS ET : ON/S-VHS ET : OFF) pg. 26, 51
O “Cassette Loaded” Mark
Beginning End
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