JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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Connecting To A Satellite Receiver
Simple Connections
This is an example of simple connection if your TV has
one 21-pin AV input (SCART) connector.
Connect the satellite receiver to the AV2 (L-2) IN/
DECODER connector, then connect the AV1 (L-1) IN/
OUT connector to the TV’s connector.
Set “L-2 SELECT” to “A/V” ( pg. 43).
You can use Automatic Satellite Programme Recording
function (
pg. 35) with this connection.
To record a programme via the satellite receiver, select L-2
mode by pressing AUX (number key0”) and/or PR so that
“L-2” appears on the front display panel.
For details, refer to the instruction manual of the satellite
When you set “L-2 SELECT” to “SAT” (pg. 43), it is possible to view a satellite broadcast with the TV set to its AV mode even if
the recorder is turned off. When the recorder is in Stop mode or recording, press TV/VCR on the remote control to turn off the VCR
indicator on the front display panel.
If you turn on the recorder when the satellite receiver’s power is off, nothing appears on the TV screen. In this case, turn on the
satellite receiver, or set the TV to its TV mode, or press TV/VCR on the remote control to set the recorder to the video mode.
Outdoor unit
Satellite cable
Satellite receiver
TV aerial cable
21-pin SCART connector
Back of TV
Mains outlet
Back of recorder
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