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Navigation Playback
This function is useful when you wish to quickly find out what
programmes you have recorded on a tape with this recorder. This
function allows you to select a programme to watch, and then
automatically searches for the start of the programme.
Load a recorded cassette.
Insert a cassette recorded on this recorder.
Access the Main Menu screen.
Press MENU.
Access the Programme Navigation screen.
Select a programme.
Start playback.
Press OK. “SEARCHING” appears on the TV screen.
Playback begins automatically after the selected
programme is located.
If you do not want to use Programme Navigation function, set
pg. 50).
You cannot edit programme title or delete tape data for the
cassette with the record safety tab removed.
Programme Navigation is possible with the cassettes recorded
with this recorder only.
Before recording, make sure the recorder’s clock is set
To record the programme information in this recorder’s
memory, you must continue to record each programme for
over the minimum recording time; 8 minutes for the SP mode,
15 minutes for the LP mode or 23 minutes for the EP mode.
Programme Navigation may not work properly depending on
the tape being used.
The programme information is stored in this recorder’s
memory. If the memory in this recorder should ever be
damaged and the programme information lost, it is impossible
to restore that information.
Press rt to move the
highlight bar (pointer) to
NAVIGATION”, then press
OK or
DETECTED” appears on the TV
screen, you cannot use the
Navigation Playback function.
Press rt to move the
highlight bar (pointer) to the
programme you want to
Programme Navigation Screen
A Recording date
B Recording start time*
C Station name*
* After entering the programme title (pg. 38), programme title
appears instead of the recording start time and station name.
D Currently selected programme
E Programme title*
* Before entering the programme title (pg. 38), recording start
time and station name appear instead of the programme title.
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