JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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Check, cancel and change programmes
Disengage the timer mode.
Press # (TIMER), then press 1.
Access the Programme Check screen/display.
Access the Programme screen/display.
The front display panel shows the programme number. Pressing
OK changes the display to the programme start time, the stop
time, the date, the tape speed then the channel position.
To cancel or change a programme...
Cancel or change a programme.
Press & to cancel a programme. To change programme
settings, press the appropriate button: START+/–,
STOP+/–, DATE+/–, PR+/–, VPS/PDC (number key “7”),
DAILY (number key “8”), WEEKLY (number key “9”) and/
or SP/LP/EP (
You can change “TV PROG” to “SAT” for the channel position
by pressing the number key0”.
If you do not want to edit the programme title, skip steps 5 and
Access the Title Edit screen.
Enter the programme title.
Return to the normal screen/display.
Press " as many times as necessary. If there are still
some programmes remaining, go on to step 8.
Return to the timer mode.
Press # (TIMER).
You can also check the programmes on the front display panel
even if the recorder’s power is off (unless the recorder is in the
Power Save mode
pg. 51) or the recorder is in the Timer
mode; however, it is not possible to cancel or change the
Press ".
Press " again to check
more information. Each time
you press ", the next
programme’s information
Press the number key “1”.
The Title Edit screen appears.
You can access the title edit
screen only when “PROG.
NAVIGATION” is set to “ON”.
pg. 50)
Press the number keys and e
to enter characters, then
press OK. For details, refer to
“Entering Character” on
page 39.
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