JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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Fine tuning is performed automatically during Auto Channel
Set. If you want to perform tuning manually, refer to page 57.
If you perform Auto Channel Set when the aerial cable is not
connected properly, “SCAN COMPLETED –NO SIGNAL–”
appears on the TV screen in step 7. When this happens, make
sure of the aerial connection and press OK; Auto Channel Set
will take place again.
If no sound accompanies the picture or the audio sounds
unnatural on some channels that have been stored by Auto Set
Up, the TV system setting for those channels may be incorrect.
Select the appropriate TV system for those channels
pg. 56, “INFORMATION”).
Perform Auto Channel Set.
Press OK twice.
When you have connected
the video recorder to a TV
offering T-V Link via a fully-
wired 21-pin SCART cable
pg. 10), the recorder
automatically performs the
Preset Download and the
T-V LINK screen will appear
pg. 14).
The Auto Set screen appears,
and remains on screen while
the recorder searches for
receivable stations.
As Auto Channel Set progresses, the “
q” mark on the TV screen
moves from left to right. Wait until the TV screen as shown in
step 7 appears.
View the Confirmation screen.
displayed on the TV screen for
about 5 seconds, the
Confirmation screen looking
like the one to the right
appears. The stations your
recorder located appear on a
Confirmation screen —
channel positions (PR),
channels (CH) and station names (ID –
pg. 58). The
blueback screen and the programme currently being
broadcast by the blinking station appear alternately for 8
seconds each. To view the next page, use the
rt w e
button on the remote control.
The stations located in the selected country appear at the top
of the list.
The Guide Program numbers will also be set automatically
during Auto Channel Set.
Return to the normal screen.
Press MENU.
Using the Confirmation screen, you can skip or add channel
positions, enter station names and perform other operations.
Refer to pages 55 – 57 for the procedures.
Depending on reception conditions, the stations may not be
stored in order, and the station names may not be stored
For information on scrambled broadcasts, refer to page 56.
In certain reception conditions, station names may not be
stored correctly, and Auto Guide Program Number Set
may not work properly. If the Guide Program numbers are
not set properly when you timer-record a TV programme
using the S
HOWVIEW system, the recorder will record a TV
programme of a different station. When programming the
timer using the S
HOWVIEW system, be sure to check the
desired channel is selected correctly (
pg. 28,
Timer Programming”).
Your video recorder memorizes all detected stations even if
reception of some of them is poor. You can delete those
stations with an unacceptable picture (
pg. 56, “Delete
A Channel”).
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