JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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* The default setting is bold in the table below.
You can play back PAL, NTSC and MESECAM tapes, or record PAL and
SECAM* signals on this recorder. Select the appropriate colour system.
* SECAM signals will be recorded as MESECAM on this recorder; MESECAM is the
designation for tapes with SECAM signals that have been recorded on a
MESECAM-compatible PAL video cassette recorder.
PAL/NTSC: To record PAL signals, or play back a PAL or NTSC tape.
MESECAM: To record SECAM signals, or play back a MESECAM tape.
It is not possible to record in S-VHS if “MESECAM” is selected. The recording mode
is forced to change to VHS.
If “MESECAM” is selected when the tape speed is set to EP mode, the tape speed will
be forced to change to LP mode.
It is not possible to select EP mode if “MESECAM” is selected.
About NTSC Playback
Some TVs shrink the picture vertically and place black bars at the top and bottom of
the TV screen. This is not a malfunction on the part of either the video recorder or
the TV.
The picture may roll up and down. This can be corrected using the V-HOLD control
found on some TVs. (This cannot be corrected if the TV does not have a V-HOLD
The counter and tape remaining time readings will be incorrect.
During search, still, or frame-by-frame playback, the picture will be distorted, and
there may be a loss of colour.
Depending on the type of TV, the top and bottom portions of superimposed displays
may be cut off during NTSC playback.
When this function is set to “3H”, the recorder is turned off automatically if
no operation is done within 3 hours. “AUTO POWER OFF IN 3 MIN”
appears on the screen 3 minutes before the recorder is turned off.
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