JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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Page 55 April 22, 2003 3:07 pm
Manual Channel Set
Store channels that were not stored during Auto Set Up
pg. 12), Preset Download ( pg. 14) or Auto Channel Set
pg. 53).
Access the Main Menu screen.
Press MENU.
Access the Confirmation screen.
Press rt to move the highlight bar (pointer) to
“MANUAL CH SET”, then press OK or
e. The
Confirmation screen appears.
Select the channel position.
Select the band.
Input the channel.
Press the number keys to input the channel number you
want to store.
Input “0” before any single number entries.
To input the registered station name (ID –
pg. 58), press e
until “– – – –” (ID setting) begins blinking, then press
For fine tuning adjustment, press
e until “+/–” begins blinking,
then press
rt. While tuning, “+” or “–” appears.
When storing a channel that sends scrambled broadcasts,
e until “OFF” (Decoder setting) blinks, then press rt
to set “DECODER” to “ON” (“OFF” is the default setting).
When “L-2 SELECT” is set to “A/V” or “SAT”, the “DECODER”
setting cannot be changed (
pg. 43).
Enter new channel information.
Press OK and the Confirmation screen appears.
Repeat steps 36 as necessary.
Close the Confirmation screen.
Press MENU.
To change positions, see “Change Station Channel Position”
pg. 56).
If you wish to set station names other than the ones registered
in your recorder, see “Set Stations (B)” (
pg. 57).
Press rt w e until an open
position in which you want to
store a channel begins
blinking, then press OK. The
Manual Channel Set screen
(Example) To store in position 12.
The blueback screen and the
programme currently being
broadcast by the selected channel
appear alternately for 8 seconds
Press rt to change the band
between CH (regular) and CC
(cable), then press e.
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