JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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Preset Download
Auto Channel Set by Downloading
from TV/Auto Clock Set/Auto Guide
Program Number Set
For details, refer to the instruction manual of your TV.
In the area where no TV station transmits a PDC (Programme
Delivery Control) signal, the recorder cannot perform Auto
Clock Set.
If there is a power cut, or if you press
1 or MENU while
downloading or set up is in progress, it will be interrupted; be
sure to turn off the recorder power once and try again from the
Auto Clock Set may not function properly depending on the
reception condition.
On this recorder, the characters available for station names
(ID) are A–Z, 0–9, –,
f, + and I (space). Some names of
downloaded stations may differ from those of your TV
pg. 57).
If you have connected the recorder to your TV via the AV
connection (
pg. 10), the recorder will automatically perform
Preset Download instead of the Auto Set Up in step 4 on
page 13. After downloading, the recorder sets the clock and
Guide Program numbers automatically.
Perform Preset Download.
Press OK. The AUTO SET/T-V LINK display appears on
the front display panel and/or on the TV screen.
On the front display panel
rt to select “CH – –” and press OK or e.
Set the video channel.
Set the video channel to off manually. ( pg. 61)
You can use this function only with a TV offering T-V Link,
etc.* Be sure to use a fully-wired 21-pin SCART cable.
* Compatible with TVs offering T-V Link, EasyLink, Megalogic,
SMARTLINK, Q-Link, DATA LOGIC or NextView Link via
fully-wired 21-pin SCART cable. The degree of compatibility and
available functions may differ by system.
Perform steps 1 to 3 of “Auto Set Up” on page 12 before
On the on-screen display
rt to move the
highlight bar (pointer) to
“T-V LINK” and press OK or
Preset positions on the front display panel increase from
“CH1”; do NOT press any button on the recorder or remote
control until the front display panel shows clock time,
“(CH) 1” or “– –:– –” as illustrated on page 15.
If you are using the on-screen
display, the T-V LINK screen
will appear. When Preset
Download is completed,
“COMPLETED” appears for
about 5 seconds, then the
normal screen appears.
If you press any button on the
recorder or remote control
while downloading is in
progress, it will be interrupted.
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