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* The default setting is bold in the table below.
When this function is set to “ON”, the recorder stores information on the
recorded programmes. If you do not want to use the Programme Navigation
function ( pg. 36), set “PROG. NAVIGATION” to “OFF”.
Programme Navigation is possible with the cassettes recorded with this recorder
Before recording, make sure the recorder’s clock is set correctly.
To record the programme information in this recorder’s memory, you must continue
to record each programme for over the minimum recording time; 8 minutes for the
SP mode, 15 minutes for the LP mode or 23 minutes for the EP mode.
Programme Navigation may not work properly depending on the tape being used.
The programme information is stored in this recorder’s memory. If the memory in this
recorder should ever be damaged and the programme information lost, it is
impossible to restore that information.
When this function is set to “ON”, you can easily start recording the
programme that you are watching on your TV. Press and hold
7 and press 4
on the remote control, or press
7 on the recorder.
When you use the Direct Rec function, be sure to use a TV offering T-V LINK, etc.
and connect a fully-wired 21-pin SCART cable between the recorder and the TV
pg. 10).
If “DIRECT REC” is set to “OFF”, the
7 button functions as described in “Basic
Recording” (
pg. 24).
During the Direct Rec, “– –” appears on the front display panel.
When “DIRECT REC” is set to “ON”, if you press any button just after pressing
7 on
the recorder (or
7 and 4 on the remote control), the recorder may not function
When this function is set to “ON”, the recorder automatically switches to LP
mode to allow complete recording if there is not enough tape to record the
entire programme while timer-recording in SP mode.
For Example . . .
Recording a programme of 210 minutes in length onto a 180-minute tape
Make sure you set this function to “ON”, before the timer-recording starts.
If you have programmed the recorder to timer-record 2 or more programmes, the
second programme and those thereafter may not fit on the tape if you set “AUTO
]LP TIMER” to “ON”. In this case, make sure the mode is not engaged, then set
the tape speed manually during timer programming.
In order to ensure that the recording fits on the tape, this feature may leave a slight
non-recorded section at the end of the tape.
There may be some noise and sound disturbance at the point on the tape where the
recorder switches from SP to LP mode.
The Auto SP
]LP Timer feature is not available during ITR (Instant Timer Recording),
and the feature will not work properly with any tapes longer than E-180, or with
some tapes of shorter lengths.
If you perform timer recording with both VPS/PDC and the Auto SP
]LP Timer
activated, and the programme goes beyond its originally scheduled length, there
may be times when the programme cannot be recorded in its entirety.
Total 210 minutes
Approximately 150 minutes Approximately 60 minutes
SP mode LP mode
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