JVC HR-S7960E Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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Enter the channel position.
Set the tape speed.
Press SP/LP/EP (p).
It is not possible to select EP mode if “COLOUR SYSTEM” is
set to “MESECAM”
. ( pg. 52)
Set the VPS/PDC mode.
Press VPS/PDC (number key “7”) to select “ON” or “OFF”.
If “VPS/PDC ON” is displayed on the TV screen, VPS/PDC is
set to ON.
If “VPS/PDC OFF” is displayed on the TV screen, VPS/PDC is
set to OFF.
“VPS/PDC Recording” in the right column
Access the Title Edit screen.
Enter the programme title.
Return to the normal screen.
on the TV screen for about 5 seconds, then the normal
screen appears. If “PROGRAM OVERLAPPED” appears
on the TV screen and “Err” on the front display panel, see
page 34.
Repeat steps 111 for each additional programme.
Engage the recorder’s timer mode.
Press # (TIMER). The recorder turns off automatically and
#” appears on the front display panel.
To disengage the timer mode, press # (TIMER) again.
To Timer-Record Weekly Or Daily Serials . . .
. . . anytime during steps 2 through 8, press WEEKLY (number
key9”) for weekly serials or DAILY (number key8”) for daily
serials (Monday – Friday). Either “WEEKLY” or “DAILY” appears
on the TV screen. Pressing the button again makes the
corresponding indication disappear.
You can programme this recorder to timer-record as many as 8
programmes. If you try to programme the recorder to record a
ninth, “PROGRAM FULL” appears on the TV screen and
“FULL” appears on the front display panel. To record the extra
programme, you must first cancel any unnecessary
programmes (
pg. 33).
It is not possible to timer-record a satellite broadcast received
on the channel position “0” by the satellite receiver.
Press PR+/–.
Press the number key “1”.
The Title Edit screen appears.
You can access the Title Edit
screen only when “PROG.
NAVIGATION” is set to “ON”.
pg. 50)
Press the number keys and e
to enter characters, then
press OK. For details, refer to
“Entering Character” on
page 39.
Satellite Receiver Users
To timer-record a satellite broadcast using Express Timer
A Perform “Satellite Receiver Control Setting” on page 17.
B Perform steps 112. In step 6, press the number key0
to change “TV PROG” to “SAT”. Then press PR+/– to
enter the channel position for the satellite broadcast. In
step 8, you cannot set “VPS/PDC” to “ON”.
C Leave the satellite receiver’s power on.
VPS/PDC Recording
Now available from some TV stations, PDC (Programme
Delivery Control) and VPS (Video Programme System) are
service designed to assure safe, accurate timer recording.
With this system, special code signals are transmitted
together with the audio/video signals. These code signals
control your video recorder and have precedence over the
advertised times you may have preset into the timer. This
means that your recorder will start and stop recording when
the preset TV programmes actually start and end — even if
the broadcast time of a preset TV programme is changed.
When you use Express Timer Programming, set the start
time (VPS or PDC time) exactly as advertised in the TV
listing. A different time than advertised will result in no
VPS/PDC recording is also possible when a satellite
receiver or a cable system is connected to AV2 (L-2) IN/
DECODER connector on your recorder.
VPS/PDC recording is also possible via the AV1 (L-1) IN/
OUT connector.
How to check if the station being received transmits a
VPS/PDC signal
A Press – –:– – until the channel position appears on the
front display panel.
B Hold down START+ for about 5 seconds.
“VPS/PDC” appears blinking on the TV screen.
If a VPS/PDC signal is detected from the station,
“VPS/PDC” will stop blinking.
If no VPS/PDC signal is detected from the station,
“VPS/PDC” will blink at a slower rate.
C Press – –:– – or START+ again to return to normal display.
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