Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Perform test run before installing decorative panel
(1)Open the stop valve of gas pipe.
(2)Open the stop valve of liquid pipe.
(3)Use remote controller to set to COOLING operation, press ON/OFF button to start
(4)After finishing operation, cut off the general power supply.
Perform test run after installing decorative panel
(1) Open the stop valve of gas pipe.
(2) Open the stop valve of liquid pipe.
Note: The wiring diagram of this model is pasted inside of the unit.
Installation procedure
Other instruction
1.Power supply
The air conditioner must use a special power circuit and special air switch
(40A). The wiring should be done by a qualified electrician according to
the wiring rules specified by national standard
An creepage breaker should be installed.
The grounding wire and null wire of receptacle should be strictly separated.
It is incorrect to connect the null wire with grounding wire.
The connection method of power cord is Y connection. If the power cable is
damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer
or its specified repair center of the same qualified worker.
2. Cut and flaring method
Use pipe cutter to cut the pipe, the burrs must be removed.
After inserting the flarer, perform flared nut.
Flaring dimensions as follows:
Pipe diameter
Liquid pipe
Dimension A (mm)
9.52mm (3/8")
Connent pipe
Gas pipe
19.05mm (3/4")
Test run
The following items must be noticed carefully during installation. After finishing
installation, performing checking.
After installing the refrigerant pipe, drain hose and electric wire properly, perform test
run to ensure the system not have trouble.
Burrs Too long