Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Operation points
Operation of air conditioner
When the ambient humidity is too high,
mode, there may be water dropped
in the air outlet.
Far distance monitoring
There is a pre-set far distance control communication interface on the
control panel of indoor unit. After installing the peripheral equipment
according to the manual attached with the Haier made far distance
control detector, the computer management or other place monitoring
can be achieved to the air conditioner.
If start the unit immediately only after
it is turned off, the compressor will start
after 3 minutes have elapsed to protect the
3-minute protection function
Change of fan speed
In COOLING mode, the air sending is set at AUTO, when the indoor
temperature is near the set temperature,
the fan speed will lower automatically.
In HEATING mode, when room
temperature reaches the set temperature,
the compressor will stop running, and
the fan will change to LOW FAN or stop.
In DEHUMIDIFYING mode, the fan speed
will change automatically.