Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Note: The terminal block’s mark at the two ends of the connection wire should be
corresponding one by one, otherwise the air conditioner cannot work normally.
Installation procedure
Electric wiring
Connect wire between indoor &
outdoor unit
As the wiring diagram show to arrange the
connection wire (note: the two ends of
connection wire is different, do not connect
them reversedly).
2.The wiring method of straight terminal
For those connection wires whose end are not orbicular terminals, their
wiring method is:
Loosen the connecting screw, insert the end of the wire directly into the terminal
block, and then tighten screw. Pull the wire outwards slightly to confirm it is held
3.Pressing method of connection wire:
After wiring, the connection wire must be
pressed with wire holding clamp. The wire
holding clamp should press on the out co-
ver of the connection wire. As the right fi-
gure shown:
The wiring method of orbicular terminal
Wiring method
1.The wiring method of orbicular terminal
For the connection wire which end is orbicular
terminal, its wiring method is as the right figure
shown. Dismantle the screw and put it through
the ring at the end of the connection wire, then
connect it to the terminal block and tighten the
1 2 3
Power supply
1PH, 220V*, 50Hz
Outdoor terminal block
Indoor terminal block
(A system)
1 2 3
Indoor terminal block
(B system)
*All the wires should be copper core wires.
*The power cable of indoor unit should be equipped according to the operation
manual of indoor unit.
*Before finishing vacuumizing the refrigerant pipe system, do not supply
power to outdoor unit.
*The connection of power cable should be complied with local wiring
*When connecting the wire of indoor and outdoor unit, check the number on the indoor
and outdoor terminal blocks, the same number uses one wire to connect.
*Incorrect wiring easily damage the controller of the air conditioner, or the unit cannot
work normally.
(Sketch map)
Correct pressing
Terminal block
Wire holding clamp
Wrong pressing