Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Operation instruction
Fixed air sending direction
When the Auto SWING of the air conditioner swings
to an appropriate angle, press SWING button, the
display “ ” on the LCD of the wire controller will
disappear, the air sending direction is fixed.
When fixing the air sending direction, the louver
should be kept in the following position:
In COOLING and DEHUMIDIFYING, it is better to
be upward.
In HEATING, it is better to be downward.
Always use the SWING button of the wire controller to
adjust the louver. If adjust the louver manually, it may
damage the louver.
During COOLING and DEHUMIDIFYING, do not make
the louver downwards for a long time. Because the vapor
around the air outlet grille may be condensed and may
have drop of water.
When the infant, children, ages and the patients use the
air conditioner, please pay attention to the set
Auto swing
Press SWING button, the LCD of the wire controller
display “ ”, the louver of the air conditioner begins
automatic swing and air sending.
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