Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Safety Precautions
Do not use wet hands to operate the
air conditioner.
Otherwise, it may
cause electric shock.
Only use the proper specified fuse.
Do not use cable or
other materials to
replace the fuse,
otherwise it may
cause fire and
other trouble.
Do not use water to
clean air conditioner,
may cause
electric shock.
Connected with the grounding wire.
The grounding wire shouldn’t be
connected with gas pipe, tap water pipe,
lightning rod or
telephone line.
Improper grounding
may cause electric shock accident.
The drain hose should be
arranged properly to have a
smooth drainage.
If the drain hose is
not arranged properly, the leaked
drain water may damage the
furniture or other articles alike.
Do not install the air conditioner
in a place where the inflammable
gas maybe exists.
The inflammable gas around the
air conditioner may cause fire
The Creepage breaker should
be equipped.
If not equipped
with Creepage breaker, it may
cause Creepage.
When using indoor smoky type
pesticide, do not use air
Otherwise, it
may cause the
in the unit, result in
doing harm to the people’s health
who is extremely sensitive to
these chemicals.
Do not put the fire devices in the
places, which the air from the air
conditioner can directly blow.
It may cause the
fire devices
cannot burn
Only after cutting off the power, can
the cleaning of the air conditioner be
performed to
avoid leading
to electric
shock or
Do not put or use any spray near the
air conditioner,
otherwise it
may cause
Not in