Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

1. Before installation [Before finishing installation, do not throw the attached
parts installation needs]
Confirm the way to move the unit to the installation place.
Before moving the unit to the installation place, do not remove their packages.
When have to remove the package, use a soft material or protection board with
rope to lift the unit assembly to avoid unit damage or bumping a scrape.
2. Choose installation place
(1)The chosen installation place should meet the following requirements and
get the user’s consent.
Place ensures ideal airflow distribution.
The passage of airflow has no obstacles.
The condensate water can be drained smoothly.
Place can stand the weight of indoor unit.
Place ensures enough space for maintenance.
The pipe length between indoor and outdoor unit is in the permitted limit
(referring to outdoor unit installation part).
The indoor unit, outdoor unit, electric wire and connection wire is at least
1m away from television and radio. This is to avoid the image disturbance
and noise caused by the above-mentioned home appliance. (Even if 1m
away, if the electromagnetic wave is too strong, it can also cause noise.)
(2)The height of ceiling
The indoor unit can install on the ceiling, which height is no more than 2.7m.
(3)Install and use the hoisting screw. Check if the installation place can bear the
weight of unit assembly. If not certain, strengthen it before install the unit.
(The installation gaps are marked on the installation paper panel. Refer to
the paper panel to find those points needing to fixing.)
Over 1500
Air inlet
Over 1500
Not exceeding 2700 from the ground
Over 1500
Over 1500
Space installation needed (unit: mm)
Over 1500
Over 1500
Over 1000
Installation procedure
Install indoor unit