Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Installation instruction
Before installing, do read this “Safety precautions” carefully to guarantee the proper installation.
The below attentive matters are divided into “ Warning” and “ Note” two parts. When the wrong
installation occur, it is very possible death and severe injury and other serious accidents will happen. For
those items are listed in “ Warning” part. But even the items listed in “ Note” part can also cause serious
accidents. Above all, both the two parts are very important contents related to safety, so they must be obeyed.
After finishing the installation work, do test run to verify everything is normal. After that please explain the
using and maintenance methods to the user. Additionally, give this installation manual and operation manual
to the user and ask them to keep it properly.
The commissioned repair center shall do the installation work. If you do the installation work by yourself,
the improper installation will cause water leakage, electric shock fire and other accidents.
The installation work shall be in line with what the installation manual specified. If installation is not
proper, water leakage, electric shock, fire and other accidents will occur.
Install the air conditioner to a place where can definitely stand its weight. The air conditioner can not be
installed on a nonmetal bracket (such as theft guard net). Places not firm enough will cause drop down of
unit resulting in body hurt.
The installation work shall be preventive to typhoon and earthquake. If the installation work is not met
with the requirements, overturn of the unit will occur resulting in accidents.
Using the specified cable to do wiring work and connecting firmly and properly. Fix the connecting part
of the terminals to prevent it from the external force. Improper connection and fixing will cause heating
and fire etc. accidents.
Wiring shall be kept in correct shape avoiding extrusion. After installation, the electric box cover and the
external panel shall not nip the wire. Improper installation will cause heating and fire etc. accidents.
When setting or moving the air conditioner do not let the air and things alike get into the refrigeration
system except the specified refrigerant (R22). If air and other things enter, abnormal high pressure will
occur, which easily cause break and body injuries etc. accidents.
When installing, do use the accessories or specified parts. If not using the parts specified by our company,
water leakage, electric shock, fire and refrigerant leakage will occur.
Do not lead the drain hose to drain where the sulfur gas may be involved. Otherwise, the poisonous gas
will enter into the indoor.
During installation, if refrigerant leakage occurs, do the ventilation work immediately. As soon as the
refrigerant gas meets fire, poisonous gas will be produce.
After installation, confirm there is no leakage of refrigerant. If the refrigerant gas enters into room and
meet the air blowing heater, heater or stove etc. fire source, the poisonous gas may be produced.
Do not install the unit in a place where the combustible gas may be leaked. In any case the combustible gas
leaks and accumulated around the unit, fire accident will occur.
The drain hose should be correctly installed according to the installation manual to ensure smooth drainage,
and take proper heat preservation measure to prevent from dew. Improper pipe installation may cause water
leakage result in wet the indoor articles.
Do heat insulation work to the refrigerant gas pipes and liquid pipes to reach the purpose of heat preservation.
If the heat insulation measure is not sufficient, water generated by condensing dew will drip leading to wet
the floor and indoor articles.
Do grounding work. Do not connect the grounding wire to gas pipe, tap, lighting rod or telephone line.
Improper grounding will cause electric shock.
In some places the creepage breaker shall be installed. If do not install the breaker, electric shock may occur.
After electric installation, power on them to do electric leakage test.