Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Clean the air outlet and casing
Do not use gasoline, benzene, diluent, polish powder or liquid
pesticide to clean.
Do not use the hot water over 50* to clean to avoid discoloration
or deformation.
Use soft dry cloth to clean.
If cannot remove the dust, use water or neutral detergent.
If the louver of the air conditioner is too dirty, it may be dismantled
(as the following described) for cleaning.
Dismantle and install louver
When use water to clean the louver, do not clean it to hard,
otherwise the fuzz on the surface maybe fall off.
1. Fix the louver at the lowest position.
2. Dismantle louver
Referring to SWING.
Loosen the screws at
the two ends of the louver.
3. Install louver
Slightly rotate the louver, the
extruding edges at the ends
of the air inlet can be inserted
into the louver groove, then
tighten the screws.
For details, please consult the
after-sales service worker.