Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Users’ Attention
Set proper room temperature
Not too low or high and make every peop-
le in the
Do not let the cold air blows directly to
human body for a long time and do not
make the room temperature drop too
Otherwise, it may
cause uncomfortable
or bad to your health.
Cut off
The room should often ventilate.
After a long-time
of using air
conditioner, the
room must be
Do not keep the doors and windows
Otherwise, it
may lower the
efficiency of
the air conditioner.
Television, radio and acoustics, etc.
equipment should keep over 1m from
indoor unit and wire controller.
Otherwise, they may
disturb the image
and cause noise.
Do not put any drying
devices under
the indoor unit.
The heat may cause
the deformation of
indoor unit.
If do not use the air conditioner
for a long time, it is necessary to
cut off power.
If do not cut
off power, the
unit may consume
power. In order to protect the unit,
before using the air conditioner
again, turning on the power at least
12 hours in advance.
The windows should be hung
with curtains or blinds.
Do not let the sun
shine directly shine
in the room; do not
let the outdoor air
enter room.
The articles must keep dry cannot
be put under the indoor unit.
When the humidity
is over 80% or
the drainage
outlet is blocked,
the indoor unit may drop water.
Do not put articles around the
air inlet and outlet.
This kind of obstacle can lower the
efficiency of the air conditioner or
cause unit trouble.
The air conditioner can only be used
in air conditioning. It can not be
used in other purpose.
Do not use the air conditioner in some
specific purpose, such as storage or
protect food, animals, plants, precise
instrument and
the quality
of them may
be declined.
Do not press tightly with the LCD part of
the wire controller to avoid damage of it.
The airflow cannot directly blow
to the pets and plants.
Otherwise, pets
and plants
may be hurt.
Cooling is
Heating is