Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Clean the air inlet grille
1. Open air inlet grille
Pull the two handles at the
same time, slowly draw
them out. (when closing
it, the procedure is
2. Remove air filter
Referring to “Clean the air filter”.
3. Remove the air inlet grille
Open the air inlet grille for 45o, the lift it up.
4. Clean
Do not use the hot water over 50* to clean to avoid discoloration
or deformation.
Use soft brush, water and neutral
detergent to clean, then throw the water off.
*When there is too much dust*
Use ventilation fan or directly spray the detergent special
for kitchen ware on the air inlet grille, 10 minutes later
use water to clean.
5. Install air inlet grille
6. Install the air filter
7. Close air inlet grille
Referring to procedure 3.
Referring to “Clean the air filter”
Referring to procedure 1.