Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

<The wiring method of the connection of the unit>
Connect the unit
Remove the electric box cover (1), draw the wire in the rubber lining, use wire
clamp A to clamp it together with other wires, and connect the wire of the
relative polarity to the inner power terminal block.
After proper connection, press the wire clamp A tight.
Bind the seal cushion on the wire. (it must be bound tight to avoid dew-forming)
After proper connection, reinstall the electric box cover (1).
This part must be sealed to prevent water from entering
Instruction: Use seal cushion to bind
*****tight not leaving any gap.
Seal cushion (little size)
bind the wire
Attached with seal cushion
Power terminal
Wire clamp A
Rubber lining
Electric box cover (1)
Grounding wire end
terminal block
Rubber lining
Installation procedure
Install indoor unit
Wiring on site