Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Installation procedure
Connection of pipe
6.Thermal insulation treatment
The thermal insulation of connection pipe should be performed at both gas side
and liquid side. In COOLING, both liquid side and gas side are in low temperature,
in order to prevent dew from forming, thermal insulation should be done.
The thermal insulation material at the gas side must use the material with the heat
resistant temperature over 120*.
The connected parts of indoor unit connection pipe should be thermal insulated.
3. The additional charging amount of refrigerant
The additional charging of refrigerant (R407C) should be complied with the
installation manual of outdoor unit. It must use measurer to quantificationally
charge. The additional charging amount must be complied with the specified
Requirements: Both excessive charging and less charging of refrigerant will cause the
compressor trouble. It must be complied with the specified amount.
4.Discharging of pipe
**For details, please refer to the pipe installation part in the manual of outdoor unit.
5.Leakage detection
Use leakage detector or soap water to check if the connected part of the connection
pipe and the valve cap leak.
For the specific max length and the max fall
of connection pipe, please refer to the manual
of outdoor unit.
In order to guarantee the efficiency, the pipe
should be as short as possible.
Daub the refrigerant oil on the joint and the
flared nut.
When bending the pipes, give the roundness
as large as possible, to avoid crashing the pipes.
To connect the pipe, fit the center and use hand
to screw the nut, then use spanner to tighten
the nut, as shown in figure.
Pay attention not to let alien matters, such as
sand, vapor get into the pipe.
The connection of indoor unit pipe must be
performed by using two spanners.
Fasten torque
32.7~39.9 N.m
Pipe diameter
61.8~74.5 N.m
If do not fit the center and
screw the nut hard, the screw
thread may be damaged,
which will cause refrigerant
Gas pipe
Liquid pipe
2. Dimension of connection pipe
1. Connection of pipe**