Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

The following phenomena are not troubles
Symptom Cause
The unit does
not work
The unit
blows out
The unit
gives out
The unit
blows out dust
The unit
gives out
Immediately operate the unit
after its stop.
3 minutes later, the unit will
automatically operate.
In COOLING operation, when
the ambient humidity is too
high. (the content of oil or
dust is too much in the room.)
When the inner of the indoor
unit is not clean, the temperature
fluctuation may occur.
After finishing DEFROSTING,
the HEATING operation starts.
The removed frost rises in vapor
DEFROSTING, there is
continuous “Si, Si” noise.
This is the refrigerant gas
flowing sound in the air
When the unit is started,
stopped and when
DEFROSTING starts or stops,
there is the “Si, Si” sound.
It is generated when the
refrigerant stops flow or
changes flow.
In operation or after operation,
there is a continuous “Si, Si”
In operation or after operation,
a “GaZi” sound is generated.
Because of the temperature
change, It is caused by the hot
expansion and cold shrink of the
resin parts.
After a long-time out of use,
the unit is started.
The dust in the indoor unit
assembly is blown out.
In operation.
The smells or the cigarette smell
absorbed in indoor unit are blown
In DEHUMIDIFYING, no air sent
out or cannot change the fan speed.
In HEATING, even after stopping
operation, the indoor unit still
In DEHUMIDIFYING operation, when
the room temperature is 2 higher than
the set temperature, despite of the set
FAN SPEED the air conditioner will
operate in LOW FAN SPEED.
In order to remove the remained heat,
after automatic stop, the indoor fan will
continue operating for a period of time.
It is the operation sound of the
drainage system. (in COOLING
operation, the drainage system
drains in indoor side.)