Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

*.Installation of indoor unit
Suspending pole
Hoisting screw
Suspending bolt (M8 or M10)
The fittings should be prepared on site except for M10 flat washer
Screw cap (M8 or M10)
In order to prevent the bolt from breaking off
(safety), they must be installed blow the sus
pending parts as this figure shown.
M10 or M8 flat washer
4 edges together
M10 or M8 flat washer
Screw cap (M8 or M10)
Indoor unit
Installation paper panel
Installation procedure
Install indoor unit
Steel structure
Directly use angle steel or new angle steel for support.
Suspending of indoor unit
Original cement panel
Use the in hole hinge, in hole plug or in hole screw.
Angle steel for support
Hoisting screw
Suspending bolt
M10 screw
Attached washer
Screw cap (underside)
Hoisting screw
Screw cap (upside)
(The suspending part of the unit)
Adjust the position of screw cap
(underside) to make the gap between
the attached washer (underside) and
the ceiling is 135mm.
Tighten the screw cap of the hoisting screw and suspend them on the T
groove of the unit suspending part.
Use gradienter to keep the level degree of the unit within 5mm.
Use installation paper panel to confirm and adjust the position relation
between unit and ceiling opening and the suspending height of the unit.
(shows the using direction of the installation paper panel)
*The bottom of indoor unit is 43mm away from the bottom of ceiling.
(4 corners)
*The side of the indoor unit leaves 25mm gaps from ceiling.