Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Test of drainage system
(a)After finishing the electric work, perform the test to the drainage system.
(b)During test, confirm the water flow properly passes the hose and there is no leakage
at the joint.
(c)If the house is new, perform test before installing ceiling.
(d)Even if installing in the season needing to make heating, the test also must be
(a)Through the air outlet and use water pump to provide the equipment with about
1000cc water.
(b)In COOLING operation, check the drainage system.
Connected with
outdoor unit
Drain hose The drainage
outlet for maintenance
(with a rubber stop)
(use this outlet to discharge
the water in the drain pan)
Plastic watering pot
(the pipe should be
about 100mm long)
(discharge through the
air discharging hole)
(Charge through the checking hole)
Checking hole
Maintenance cover
Terminals block
of the power
The PC board of
the indoor unit
Terminals block
of the power
Electric box cover
7.Electric circuit
All the provided parts, material and electric work should be complied with
the local regulation.
Must use cooper core cable.
When performing electric work, please refer to the wiring diagram on the
All the wiring work should be done by the qualified electrician.
A breaker which can cut off the power of the whole circuit must be equipped.
For the specification of the power cable connected with the outdoor unit, the capacity
of breaker and switch and the guide of circuit, etc. please refer to the configuration
of the power supply.
Installation procedure
Install indoor unit