Haier AB212BCBAA Air Conditioner User Manual

3.Preparation before installation
The position relation among ceiling opening and hoisting screws (unit: mm)
Ceiling opening and the installation of hoisting screw
Treatment to ceiling
About the treatment of dismantling ceiling. In order to prevent the ceiling
from vibration, it is very important to strengthen the base of ceiling and insure
level of the previous ceiling.
*Cut and remove the base of the ceiling.
*Strengthen the cut surface of the ceiling base. Increase the ends and edges
of the ceiling to fix the ceiling base.
Install the hoisting screw
Use M8 or M10 hoisting screw (4, prepare on site) (When the height of
hoisting screw is more than 0.9m, you must use M10), their gaps refer to the
dimension of air conditioner, according to the original structure and the
following method to install.
Before hanging the indoor unit, please choose the installation position after
considering the connection pipes and connection wire inside the ceiling and
decide the out direction of the connection pipe.
* When using the original ceiling, before hanging the unit, put the refrigerant
pipe, drain hose, indoor unit connection wire and wire control wire in the
position of the connection pipe and connection wire.
* Confirm the dimension of indoor unit by using the attached installation
paper panel to make the indoor unit accord with the dimension of ceiling
opening and its position.(Use the attached 4 M5x12 screws to fix the
installation paper panelunder the indoor unit.)
Wood structure
The dimension of the ceiling
opening with the mark of *
can reach 910mm, but the
overlap part between ceiling
and decorative panel should
keep over 20mm.
950 (Decorative panel)
890*(Ceiling opening)
840 (Indoor unit assembly)
780 (The distance betwe
-en hoisting screws)
Refrigerant pipe
Hoisting screw
A direction
Hoisting angel iron
950 (Decorative panel)
890*(Ceiling opening)
840 (Indoor unit assembly)
780 (The distance betw
-een hoisting screws)
Installation procedure
Install indoor unit
Put up the frame wood on the beam
and mount the hoisting screws.
New cement panel
Use embedded parts and
foot screw, etc to mount.
(Knife type
embedded part)
(Louver type
embedded part)
(hoisting foot screw for
connection pipe)
Foot screw
Frame wood
Hoisting screw