Frigidaire 66129904886 Air Conditioner User Manual

Remote control
Rated voltage
Transmission distance
3 V
two (R03/Ir03x2) alkaline AAA batteries.
block the signals between the remote control and the indoor unit.
2. Avoid spilling any liquid in the remote control. Do not expose to sunlight or any
heat source.
3. If the infrared signal receiver in the indoor unit is exposed to sunlight, the air
conditioner unit might not work properly. Use curtains or shades to avoid
having sunlight directly to the receiver.
1. Operation mode: Cool, Heat (Only
FAN, and AUTO (Automatic).
3. Internal temperature range selection:
4. LCD
Remote control operation
Remote control
for models with heating function), DRY,
Lowest voltage of CPU emiting signal
2.4 V
1. The air conditioner will not operate when curtains, doors or other materials
Remote control battery: To use the remote control, it is necessary to install
2. 24 hrs Timer.
61ºF - 86ºF
23ºF ~ 140ºF
4. If other electrical equipments react to the signals sent by the remote control,
change their position or consult with you local dealer.
* With 3 V, reaches 40'