Frigidaire 66129904886 Air Conditioner User Manual

When should the batteries be
2. The indoor unit does not respond
to the remote control commands to
activate the programs.
To replace batteries
1. Slide out the battery
the compartment (indicated in the
drawing located inside the
3. Slide in the cover.
4. If the remote control is not
operated for long period of times,
batteries should be discarded.
Remote control instructions
1. The signal reach distance of the
remote control to the receiver that
obstruction placed between the
receiver and the remote control
can cause interference, limiting
the capacity of the programming.
conditioner emits a "beep" that
indicates that a command has
the indoor unit.
1. When replacing batteries, do not
use old batteries or a different
type battery. This may cause the
remote control to malfunction.
2. If you do not use the remote
remove the batteries. Otherwise
battery leakage may damage the
remote controller.
3. The average battery life under
normal use is about 6 months.
4. Replace the batteries when there
is no answering beep from the
3. When selecting the function of
timer, the remote control sends
(automatically) a signal to the indoor
that the signal is blocked, a 15
minute delay can be produced.
Remote control
1. There is not a "beep" anymore
compartment cover ( located at
the back of the remote
2. Install two AAA batteries in
is inside the indoor unit of the air
conditioner is
32.8 ft. Any
2. Any time when a button is pressed
on the remote control, the air
been received and transmitted to
remote control is left in a position
unit at the specific period. If the
controller for several weeks,
indoor unit or if the transmission
from the indoor unit when using
the control remote or the signal
light indicator does not light.
indicator fails to light.