Frigidaire 66129904886 Air Conditioner User Manual

Operation tips
The following events may occur during normal operation.
Operation tips
Protection of the air conditioner.
Compressor protection
The compressor can't restart for 3 minutes after it stops.
Anti-cold air (Only for models with heating function)
heat exchanger is in one of the following three situations and the set
temperature has not been reached.
1. When heating has just starting.
2. Defrosting.
3. Low temperature heating.
Defrosting (Only for models with heating function)
Frost may be generated on the outdoor unit during heat cycle when outdoor
temperature is low and humidity is high resulting in lower heating efficiency of
the air conditioner. During this condition, air conditioner will stop heating
operation and start defrosting automatically.
The time of defrosting may vary from 0 to 8 minutes according to the outdoor
temperature and the amount of frost buildup on the outdoor unit.
The indoor or outdoor fan stop running when defrosting (Only for models with
heating function).
A white mist coming out from the indoor unit
A white mist may generate due to a large temperature difference between air
inlet and air outlet in COOL mode in an indoor environment that has a high
relative humidity.
A white mist may generate due to moisture generated from defrosting process
when the air conditioner restarts in HEAT mode operation after defrosting.
Low noise of the air conditioner
You may hear a low hissing sound when the compressor is running or has just
to stop.
You can also hear a low "squeak" sound when the compressor is running or
has just stopped running. This is caused by heat expansion and cold
contraction of the plastic parts in the unit when the temperature is changing.
A noise may be heard due to louver returning to its original position when
power is first turned on.
Dust is blown out from the indoor unit.
This is a normal condition when the air conditioner has not been used for a
The unit is designed not to blow cold air in HEAT mode, when the indoor
stopped running. This sound is the sound of the refrigerant flowing or coming