Frigidaire 66129904886 Air Conditioner User Manual

to lock louver in desired position.
The button
will be disabled when the air
is not in operation (including
when the
TIMER ON is set).
Do not operate the air conditioner for
long periods with the air flow direction
set downward in cooling or dry mode.
Otherwise, condensation may occur on
the surface of the horizontal louver and
drop on to the floor or on furnishings.
Do not move the horizontal louver
manually. Always use the
If you
move this louver manually
it may
malfunction during operation.
If the
louver malfunctions, stop the
Open angle of the horizontal louver
should not be set too small, as
COOLING or HEATING(only for models
with heating function) performance may be
impaired due to too restricted air flow area.
Do not operate unit with horizontal
louver in closed position.
When the air conditioner is connected to
power (initial operation), the horizontal
louver may generate a sound for 10
seconds, this is a normal operation.
How to use the indoor unit
air conditioner and restart it.