Frigidaire 66129904886 Air Conditioner User Manual

Solutions for problems
Poor Equipment performance
heat source.
Heater or a cooking stove is being used in the same room.
Room is full of people.
The air filter is obstructed by dust or is dirty.
Inappropriate temperature adjustment.
8. The capacity of the equipment is not adequate for the size of the room.
9. Air conditioner was just turn on.
10.Windows or doors are open.
The unit does not start
If your air conditioner malfunctions, check the following information to find
solutions or probable causes of the failure. Do not try to repair the unit by
repair team.
Solution for problems
Stop the air conditioner immediately if one of the following
malfunctions occur
1. The operation indicator or other indicator flash(5 times per second) and the
3. Water spills over the equipment.
4. Remote control does not work.
yourself, if these solutions do not solve the failures, call your local service
The outdoor temperature is high due to direct sunlight or another
1. The air outlet or inlet of outdoor unit is obstructed.
The air outlet or inlet of indoor unit is obstructed.
2. The voltage is different.
3. Temperature is not adjusted properly.
5. The remote control batteries need to be replaced.
1. No power supply.
4. Fuse have blown.
6. The time you have set with timer is incorrect.
2. Fuse blows frequently or circuit breaker trips frequently.
5. Any other abnormal situations.
flashing is not stop by disconnecting the power and and then connecting it