Frigidaire 66129904886 Air Conditioner User Manual

How to use the indoor unit
Adjusting air flow direction
Adjust the air flow direction properly
otherwise, it might cause discomfort or
cause uneven room temperatures.
Adjust the horizontal louver using the
remote controller. Adjust the vertical
louver manually.
To set the horizontal air flow
direction (left/ right)
Adjust the vertical louver manually
using the lever on the left or right side
depending on the specific model you
) end of the air outlet to the
desired position. Perform these
adjustments before you start the unit
because once it has been started, there
To automatically swing the air flow
direction (up/down)
Perform this function while the air
conditioner is in operation.
Press the button on the remote
To stop the function, press the
button again.
How to use the indoor unit
of the vertical louver arm (Depending
on the specific model you choose), or
move the lever at the left(or right, or middle
which is only for 24000 Btu's,
is risk of your fingers getting caught
on the fan.