Samsung VCR8830T1R Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

8_ Safety information
Safety information
Remove objects scattered on the floor before cleaning.
Robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to detect obstacles 5cm away
from them.
- Bath towels, pads in front of bathrooms and sinks, entrances, utility
rooms, power cords, table cloths or belts can become entangled in
the driving wheel or power brush. This can cause objects to fall from
the table.
Remove small objects or brittle items from the area to be
cleaned in advance.
- Make sure to clear any objects before cleaning.
- Make sure to remove fragile items such as china, glass objects,
flowerpots, and etc.
- Robotic vacuum cleaner does not recognize coins, rings or other
valuable items such as jewelry.
Inform all family members (or relevant parties) to be cautious
before cleaning or when using the Scheduled Cleaning Mode.
- Robotic vacuum cleaner may run into children, causing them to fall.
Ensure that children do not step or sit on the robotic vacuum.
- Children may fall and injure themselves or critical damage may occur
to the product.
When a child or pet is left alone, make sure to turn off the
Power Switch of the robotic vacuum cleaner.
- Robotic vacuum cleaner may attract their attention.
- When the rotating wheel or brush catches ngers, feet, clothing or hair,
this may result in injury.
- If a child or a pet is in the way of the robotic vacuum cleaner, it may be
identied as an obstacle and the area may not cleaned.
- When the Power Switch is turned off, it will cut off the power supply and
deactivate all functions.
When installing the charger station, do not leave the power
cord exposed on the floor.
- When the robotic vacuum cleaner automatically recharges or passes
by the charger station, it may drag the power cord around with it.
Always keep the power cord of the charger plugged into the
- Although the robotic vacuum cleaner has a self-charging function, if
the power cord of the charger station is unplugged, it cannot charge
its battery automatically.
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