Samsung VCR8830T1R Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Safety information _7
Safety information
Before activating the robotic vacuum cleaner, make sure
that the dust bin is assembled.
- If the dust bin is not inserted, robotic vacuum cleaner will not
Never use robotic vacuum cleaner in locations with
combustible material such as:
- Locations with candles or desk lamps on the oor.
- Locations with unattended res (re or embers).
- Locations with gasoline, distilled alcohol, thinner, ashtrays
with burning cigarettes, and etc.
Robotic vacuum cleaner is for domestic use only. Do not use it in the following
- Attics, basements, warehouses, industrial buildings, separate rooms distant from the
main building, locations exposed to wet or damp conditions such as bathrooms or
wash rooms, and narrow and highly situated locations such as tables or shelves. Critical
damage (abnormal operation and breakage) may occur when used in these locations.
Open all doors to clean all rooms.
- When a door is closed, the robotic vacuum cleaner will not be able to enter that room.
However, make sure to close the doors to the main entrance, the veranda and the
bathroom, and any other rooms where the robotic vacuum cleaner may fall to a lower floor.
For carpets with long tassels, fold the tassels under the
- Unfolded tassels may result in critical damage to the carpet
and the machine itself, as they get caught in the driving wheel
or the power brush.
When the cliff sensor is polluted, robotic
vacuum cleaner may be falling down from
entrance of stairs, handrail etc.
This may cause an injury of people and the
critical damage to the product.
For preventing from the risk, install the Smart
gates(Fence Mode setting) in front of dagerous
areas. And clean the sensor window and
camera not to make a wrong orders.
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