Panasonic AV-HS410N Plumbing Product User Manual

Shot memory and event memory functions featured
p The background, key transition pattern, PinP size, border
width and other effects can be registered in the internal
memory, and called from the memory.
p The shot memory function makes it possible to vary the
switching from the current image to an image registered in
the memory more smoothly when the effect dissolve effect
is set.
p When a multiple number of video effect key frames are
registered, the event memory function makes it possible to
continuously play back these frames.
p The unit also incorporates a memory preview function so
the user can check what is going to be played back before
the data is actually played back.
Supports SD memory cards and SDHC memory cards.
p Still image data (in the BMP or TARGA format) and movie
clip data (in the original format; converter
) can be read
from memory cards into the unit’s video memory and used
as background images, key materials or video sources.
In addition, the images and setting data in the unit’s video
memories can be stored on the memory cards.
: The converter can be obtained from “Service and
Support” on the home page whose address is provided
For the installation procedure, follow the steps in the
directions which are contained in the download file.
This unit comes with a built-in 178.0 mm (7-inch)
( 178.0 mm effective picture area measured diagonally.)
p The setting menus are viewed on this display.
p The display shows images (PGM, PVW, MV) of the input
signals and output signals as well as waveforms (WFM).
p Thumbnails of the images stored on memory cards can
be displayed. (This function can be actuated in any model
whose system version is V2.00.00 and up.)
Straightforward, flexible operability
p The straightforward panel layout with its two rows of
12 crosspoint buttons (and up to 22 buttons when the
SHIFT function is used) — one for bus A and the other for
bus B — and other controls that enable the functions to
be operated directly make it possible to initiate speedy live
p The functions are set and registered by displaying the
setting menus on the built‑in display.
p Various functions can be allocated to the eight user
Plug-in software applications supported
p Plug‑in software applications can be developed and new
functions can be added to the unit.
p For detailed information on the plug‑in API (Application
Program Interface) specifications and SDK (Software
Development Kit), contact the dealer from whom you
purchased the unit.