Panasonic AV-HS410N Plumbing Product User Manual

Installation and connections
pw Installation precautions
pqIn addition to heeding the points presented in the “Read this first!”, observe the
following precautions as well.
Connecting the power supply
p Be absolutely sure to use only the power
cable supplied with the unit.
p The power cable supplied with the
unit has a 3‑pin plug with a grounding
Connect to a 3‑pin AC outlet which is equipped with a
grounding terminal.
p Be absolutely sure to connect the ground terminal
(SIGNAL GND) at the rear of the unit to the system ground.
p When the unit is not going to be used for a prolonged
period of time, turn off its power, and disconnect the power
plug from the AC outlet.
Handle carefully!
p Dropping the unit or subjecting it to strong impact or
vibration may cause trouble and/or malfunctioning.
Do not allow any foreign objects to enter inside the
p Allowing water, metal items, scraps of food or other foreign
objects inside the unit may cause a fire and/or electric
Choosing the best installation location
p Install the unit on a sufficiently strong, stable and level
surface for use.
p Ensure a space of at least 100 mm (3‑15/16 inches)
around the unit’s vents to avoid obstructing ventilation.
In particular, ensure sufficient space between ventilation
and wiring when using mounted in a panel or table.
p Do not install the unit in a manner in which its cables and
other accessories can be easily damaged.
p Avoid installing the unit where it will be exposed to direct
sunlight or to the hot air that is blown out from other
p Installing the unit in a very humid, dusty or vibration‑prone
location may give rise to trouble.
Ventilation holes