Frigidaire FSC24CH7M Air Conditioner User Manual

3. Piping can easily be made by lifting
the indoor unit with a cushion
material between the indoor unit
and the wall. Get it out after finish
4. Push the lower part of the Indoor
Unit up on the wall. Then move the
Indoor Unit from side to side, up
and down to check if it is hooked
absorber piece
Piping and wrapping
1. Wind the connective cable, drain
hose and wiring with tape / Indoor unit /P°nd box
securely, evenly as shown beside.
2. Because the condensed water Connective Piperoom
from rear of the indoor unit is Connective
gathered in Pond Box and is piped _e
out of room. Do not put anything
else in the box. wrapping belt
de desagQe
1. Connect the indoor unit first then the outdoor unit and bend and arrange the
pipe carefully.
2. Do not allow the piping to let out from the back of the indoor unit.
3. Be careful not to let the drain hose slack.
4. Insulate both of the auxiliary piping.
5. Be sure that the drain hose is located at the lowest side of the bundle.
Locating at the upper side can cause drain pan to overflow inside the unit.
6. Never intercross nor intertwist the power wire with any other wiring.
7. Run the drain hose sloped downward to drain out the condensed water
Outdoor unit installation
1. Install the outdoor unit on a rigid
base to prevent increasing noise
level and vibration.
2. Determine the air outlet direction
where the discharged air is not
3. In the case that the installation
place is exposed to strong wind
such as a seaside operation by
putting the unit lengthwise along
the wall or using a dust or shield
4. Specially in windy area, install the
unit to prevent the admission of
5. If need suspending installation, the
installation bracket should accord
with technique requirement in the
installation bracket diagram. The
installation wal! should be solid
brick, concrete or the same
intensity construction, or actions to
reinforce, damping supporting
should be taken. The connection
between bracket and walt, bracket
and the air conditioner should be
firm, stable and reliable..
6. Be sure there is no obstacle which
block radiating air.
Strong winds