Frigidaire FSC24CH7M Air Conditioner User Manual

Troubleshooting tips Environmental advices
Malfunctions and solutions
Stop the air conditioner immediately if one of the following faults occur.
Disconnect the power and contact the nearest customer service center.
The packaging material used is
recyclable; we recommend that you
separate plastic, paper and cardboard
and give them to recycling companies.
According to WEEE (Waste of Electrical
and Electronic Equipment) guidelines,
waste from electrical and electronic
devices should be collected separately.
If you need to dispose of this appliance
in the future, do NOT throw it away with
the rest of your domestic garbage.
Instead, please take the appliance to
the nearest WEEE collection point,
where available.
If the trouble has not been corrected, please contact a local dealer or the nearest
customer service center. Be sure to inform them of the detailed malfunctions and unit
Notes: Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself. Always consult an authorised service