Frigidaire FSC24CH7M Air Conditioner User Manual

Remote control operations
TEMP Button V : Push this
button to decrease the indoor
temperature setting.
.MODE: Each time the button is
pressed, the operation mode is
shifted in the direction of the
* Note:COOL only model has no HEAT
SWING: Push this switch button to
change the louver angle.
ECONOMIC: When you push
ECONOMIC button during cooling,
heating (cooling only type without),
or AUTO operation, the air
conditioner wil! start following
operation. The fan speed will be
automatically controlled. In the
operation suppression zone where
capacity is kept to the minimum,
overcooling is prevented by raising
the temperature setting by 1°C
after 1 hour and by 2°C after 2
hours of operation. The room
temperature is thus regulated
between the operation
suppression zone and the set
temperature. (it depends on the
outdoor temperature.)
RESET: When you press the
recessed RESET button, all current
settings are cancelled and the
control wilt return to the initial
button and release it quickly, the
'\\\ /
Cooling model
j. ............................. -\
Cooling/heating model
Display: cooling model
directional swing feature of the
horizontal louver is activated. The
louver swings for a certain angle
for each press. If keep pressing
the button for more than 2
seconds, the Auto swing feature
will be activated. Press it again,
the louver stops moving. When
the louver swing at a position
which would affect the cooling
and heating effect of the air
conditioner, it would automatically
change the swing direction (Not
applicable to units without this
LED DISPLAY: Press this button
to clear the digit display in the air
conditioner, press it again to
activate it.
TEMP Button ; Push this
button to increase the indoor
temperature setting.
FAN SPEED: Used to select the
Fan Speed in four steps - AUTO,
LOW, MED or HIGH. Each time the
Display: coolinglheating model
button is pressed, the fan speed
mode is shifted.
ON/OFF: Push this button to start
operation, push the button again
to stop operation.
TIMER ON; Press this button to
initiate the auto-on time sequence.
Each press wilt increase the auto-
timed setting in 30 minutes
increments. When the setting time
displays 10:00, each press will
increase the auto-timed setting 60
minutes increments. To cancel the
auto-timed program, simply adjust
the auto-on time to 0:00.
TIMER OFF; Press this button to
initiate the auto-off time sequence.
LOCK: When you press the
recessed LOCK button, all current
settings are locked in and the
remote controller does not accept
any operation except that of the
LOCK. Press again to cancel the
LOCK mode.