Frigidaire FSC24CH7M Air Conditioner User Manual

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Adjusting the Vertical Air Flow
Direction (up=down)The air
conditioner automatically adjusts the
vertical air flow direction in
accordance with the operating mode.
To set the vertical air flow
directionPerform this function while
the unit is in operation.Keep pressing
theAIR DIRECTION button on the
remote controller to move the louver
to the desired direction.
buttons will be disabled when the air
conditioner is not in operation
(including when the TIMER ON is set).
o Do not operate the air conditioner for
long periods with the air flow
direction set downward in cooling or
dry mode. Otherwise, condensation
may occur on the surface of the
horizontal louver causing moisture to
drop on to the floor or on
Do not move the horizontal louver
manually. Always use the AIR
DIRECTION or SWING button. If you
move this louver manually, it may
malfunction during operation. If the
louver malfunctions, stop the
airconditioner once and restart it.
When the air conditioner is started
immediately after it was stopped, the
horizontal louver might not move for
approximately 10 seconds.
Open angle of the horizontal louver
should not be set too small, as
COOLING or HEATING performance
may be impaired due to too
restricted air flow area.
Do not operate unit with horizontal
louver in closed position.
When the air conditioner is
connected to power (initial power),
the horizontal louver may generate a
sound for 10 seconds, this is a
normal operation.
Manual operation
Manual operation can be used
temporarily in case you can not find
the remote controller or its batteries
are exhausted.
1. Open and lift the front panel up to
an angle until it remains fixed with
a clicking sound.
2. Push the button until the AUTO
indicator is lit, the unit will work in
forced AUTO mode (the default
setting temperature is 24°C ).
3. Close the panel firmly to its original
control button
Auto/Cool ®
Once you push the manual button, the operation mode is shifted in an order as:
Push the manual button until the OPERATION indicator flashes rapidly (five
times per second), the unit now is operating in forced COOL mode. This is used
for testing purposes only, When the OPERATION indicator goes off, the air
conditioner is OFF.
To restore the remote controller operation, use the remote controller directly.
On forced COOL mode, the remote operation function is unavailable.. Open
and lift the front panel up to an angle until it remains fixed with a clicking sound.
Push the AUTO button and the air conditioner will run in AUTO mode.
Close the panel firmly to its original position.
NOTE: The "COOL" mode on the control board is only provided for testing