Frigidaire FSC24CH7M Air Conditioner User Manual

Adjusting air flow direction
DRY Operation
The dry mode will automatically select
the drying operation based on the
difference between the set
temperature and the actual room
temperature.. The temperature is
regulated while dehumidifying by
repeating turning on and off of the
cooling operation or fan only.
1. Push the MODE button to select
2. Push the TEMP button to set the
desired temperature from 21C to
3. Push the ON!OFF button, the
©PERATION lamp lights and the air
conditioner starts to operate in DRY
mode at LOW fan speed. Push the
©N!OFF button again to stop this
unit operation.
Due to the difference of the set
temperature of the unit and the actual
indoor temperature, the Air
Conditioner when in DRY mode will
automatically operate many times
without running the COOL and FAN
o oO
Dehumidification function
Optimal operation
To achieve optimal performance, please note the following:
1. Adjust the air flow direction correctly so that it is not directed on people.
2. Adjust the temperature to achieve the highest comfort level. Do not adjust the
unit to excessive temperature levels.
3. Close doors and windows on COOL or HEAT modes, or performance may be
4. Use TIMER ON button on the remote controller to select a time you want to
start your air conditioner.
5. Do not put any object near air inletx or air outlet, as the efficiency of the air
conditioner may be reduced and the air conditioner may stop running.
6. Clean the air filter periodically, otherwise cooling or heating performance may
be reduced.
7. Do not operate unit with horizontal louvre in closed position.
Adjust the air flow direction properly
otherwise, it might cause discomfort
or cause uneven room temperatures.
Adjust the horizontal louver using the
remote controller.
Adjust the vertical louver manually.
Adjusting the Vertical Air Flow
Direction (up-down)
The air conditioner automatically
adjusts the vertical air flow direction in
accordance with the operating mode.
To set the vertical air flow direction
Perform this function while the unit is
in operation.
Keep pressing the AIR DIRECTION
button on the remote controller to
move the louver to the desired
-Adjust the vertical air flow direction to
the desired direction.
- In subsequent operations, the
vertical air flow is automatically set
in the direction to which you adjusted
the louver by pressing the AIR
To set the horizontal air flow
direction (left - right)
Adjust the vertical louver manually
using the lever on the left or right side
of the vertical louver arm (Depending
on model). Take care not to catch
fingers on the fan, horizontal louver or
to damage vertical louvers. When the
air conditioner is in operation and the