Frigidaire FSC24CH7M Air Conditioner User Manual

Remote control functions
Performance features
1. Operating Mode: AUTO, COOL,
DRY, HEAT(Cooling only model
without) and FAN.
2. Timer Setting Function in 24 hours.
3. Indoor Setting Temperature Range:
17 C-30 C.
4. Full function of LCD (Liquid Crystal
5. Function of night light.
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CooIing/heating modeJ CooIing modeJ
Rated voltage
Lowest of voltage of CPU emiting signal
Transmission distance
* (with 3 V, itreaches 11 m)
_5oc - 60oc
1. Keeps the remote control far from liquids.
2. Protects the remote control of high temperatures and radiation exposition.
3. Keeps the internal receiver protect of the light of the sun. Otherwise, it can
presents functioning imperfections.
4. Keeps the remote control far from EMI (electromagnetic interferences)
produced by other machines.
Install / replace batteries
The remote controller uses two alkaline dry batteries (R03/LR03X2).
1. To install batteries, slide back the cover of the battery compartment and
install the batteries according to the directions (+and-) show on the remote
2. To replace the old batteries, use the same method as mentioned above.
1. When replacing batteries, do not use old batteries or a different type battery.
This may cause the remote control malfunction.
2. If you do not use the remote controller for several weeks remove the
batteries. Otherwise baterry leakage may damage the remote controller.
3. The average baterry life under normal use is about 6 months.
4. Replace the batteries when there is no answering beep from the indoor unit
or if the Transmission indicator light fails to light.