Frigidaire FRS123LW1 Air Conditioner User Manual

Outdoor Unit
1. The outdoor unit must be
installed at a convenient site
that is not exposed to strong
winds. The site should be dry
and well ventilated.
2. The site must support the weight
of the outdoor unit and allow
for vertical installation.
3. There must not be the possibility
of increased noise and vibration
at the site.
4. The unit must be installed at a
site where the noise produced
by its operation and air
discharge does not disturb the
neighbors or animals.
5. The site cannot have any
leakage of flammable gases.
space around the unit, as shown
access the installation site.
Choosing the installation site
in the figure.
6. The site must provide enough
7. Children must not be able to
than 1 feet
than 2 feet
than 1 feet
than 2 feet
than 6.6 feet