Frigidaire FRS123LW1 Air Conditioner User Manual

Connective pipe and drainage installation
1. Run the drain hose sloping
downward. Do not install the drain
2. When connecting extension drain
hose, insulate the connecting part
of extension drain hose with a
shield pipe, do not let the drain
hose slack.
Connective pipe
1. For the left-hand and right-hand
piping, remove the pipe cover from
2. For the rear-right-hand and rear-left-
hand piping, install the piping as
connective pipe.
Indoor unit installation
1. Pass the piping through the hole in
the wall.
2. Put the upper claw at the back of
the indoor unit on the upper hook of
the installation plate, move the
indoor unit from side to side to see
that it is securely hooked.
Upper hook
Lower hook
Fastening the Indoor Unit
Do not put the end
of drain hose into water.
Do not block
water flow
by a rise.
Do not block
water flow
by a rise.
Pipe cover
Pipe cover
Right piping
Indoor unit
Rear right
Rear left
Left piping
hose as illustrated sideward.
the side panel.
The pipe cover
must be kept as it may
to any other place.
be used
the air
shown in the sideward figure. Bend
the connective pipe to
be laid at
the wall.
Fix the end of the
when relocating
a height of 1.69 inches or less from