Frigidaire FRS123LW1 Air Conditioner User Manual

operation. It may cause electric
removed, do not touch the metal
parts of the unit. It may cause an
Safety precautions
shock or injury.
and electric shock.
It may cause failure of appliance
11.Do not open the unit during
13.Do not disassemble or modify unit.
14.When the air filter is to be
switch off, and turn off the circuit
breaker. Do not clean unit when
power is on as it may cause fire,
electric shock or injury.
to air flow.
not using the unit for a long time.
15.When the unit is to be cleaned,
16.Avoid direct exposure of occupants
17.Turn off the main power switch when
18.The air conditioner may be dusted
with an oil free cloth, or washed
with a cloth dampened in a solution
of warm water and mild dishwashing
detergent. Rinse thoroughly and wipe
dry. Wring excess water from cloth
before wiping around controls.
Clean filter once every two weeks.
inlets or inside of air-outlet. It may
cause failure of appliance or
concern of damage due to falling
of unit.
due to prolonged exposure. If
bracket damages, there will be
the outdoor unit will not damage
19.Ensure that the installation bracket of
20.Always insert the filters securely.
22.Do not place obstacles around air-
cause failure.
Operation without filters may
from air conditioner. It contains
12.Do not drink water drained
contaminants and could make
you sick.
dedicated power circuit. No
installation may cause fire and
electric shock.
21.Always install circuit breaker and a