Frigidaire FRS123LW1 Air Conditioner User Manual

Flaring work
Main cause for refrigerant leakage is
due to defect in the flaring work.
Carry out correct flaring work using the
following procedure:
1. Cut the pipes and the cable.
A) Use the piping kit accessory or
pipes purchased locally.
B) Measure the distance between the
indoor and the outdoor unit.
C) Cut the pipes a little longer than the
measured distance.
2. Burr removal
A) Completely remove all burrs from
the cut cross section of pipe/tube.
tube/pipe in a downward direction
as you remove burrs in order to
avoid dropping burrs into the
indoor and outdoor unit, then put
them on pipe/tube having
possible to put them on after flaring
Refrigerant piping connection
Refrigerant piping connection
Oblique Roughness Burr
Flare nut
Cooper tube
Remove flare nuts attached to
B) Put the end of the copper
3. Put nut on.
completed burr removal.(It is not
Note: Keep original bend so not kinking of the tube occurs.
long, loop for excess.
Unit comes with 16.4 feet tubing bundle. It is not recommended to cut. If too
the pipe length.
D) Cut the cable 4.92 feet longer than