Frigidaire FRS123LW1 Air Conditioner User Manual

Air purging
Vacuum pump
Charge hose
Manifold valve
Handle Lo
Handle Hi
Outdoor unit
Indoor unit
When using the vacuum pump
For method of using a manifold valve, refer to its operation manual.
manifold valve.
evacuate. After starting evacuation,
slightly loose the flare nut of the
Lo valve on the gas pipe side and
check if the air is entering (Operation
noise of the vacuum pump changes
and a compound meter indicates
0 instead of minus), then tighten
the flare nut. The procedure verifies
if there are blocks inside the tubes.
valve B about 45
counterclockwise for 6~7
out, then tighten the flare nut
again. Make sure the pressure
display in the pressure indicator is
a little higher than the atmosphere
pressure. This procedure verifies if
the refrigerant goes through the
tubes correctly.
manifold valve to the vacuum pump.
seconds after the gas comes
5. Make evacuation for 15 minutes
or more and check that the
compound meter indicates
-7.6 x 10 μmHg (-1x10 Pa).
1. Completely tighten the flare nuts at
connection point A, B, C and D.
Connect valve core removal tool to
the charging port, then connect
vacuum hose to valve core tool.
Open the schrader valve.
Note: The schrader valve is inside
the charging port.
2. Connect the other charge hose of
3. Fully open the handle Lo of the
4. Operate the vacuum pump to
packed valve.
9. Securely tighten the cap of the
stems B and A.
8. Fully open the packed valve
fully close the handle Lo of the
manifold valve and stop the
operation of the vacuum pump.
After the evacuation is completed,
6. Turn the stem of the packed
7. Close the schrader valve, then
remove the valve core tool.
Replace the charging port cap.