Frigidaire FRS123LW1 Air Conditioner User Manual

Electrical safety
Perform the electric safety check after completing installation:
Gas leak check
Soap water method
Apply a soap water or a liquid neutral
detergent on the indoor unit
connection or outdoor unit connections
by a soft brush to check for leakage of
the connecting points of the piping. If
bubbles come out, the pipes have
Leak detector
Use the leak detector to check for
A: Lo packed valve, B: Hi packed valve
C and D are ends of indoor unit
Outdoor unit
check point
indoor unit
check point
1. Insulated resistance: The insulated resistance must be more than 2M .
2. Grounding work: After finishing grounding work, measure the grounding
resistance by visual detection and grounding resistance tester. Make sure the
grounding resistance is less than 4 .
3. Electrical leakage check (performing during test running): During test operation
after finishing installation, the serviceman can use the electric probe and
multimeter to perform the electrical leakage check. Turn off the unit
immediately if electrical leakage happens. Check and find out the solution
ways till the unit operates properly.
Electrical safety and gas leak check
leakage point.