Emerson M21 Carbon Monoxide Alarm User Manual

MAN-0076 Rev 05 Millennium II
December 07, 2012
Net Safety Monitoring Inc
3.3 Status LED
The Status LED can be solid Red or Green, or flashing Red or Green to indicate various states of the transmitter and
sensor. Refer to “Sensor Status Registers, Status LEDs, Current Loop, and Display Messages”.
3.4 Current loop measurement (Test jacks)
For convenience, a pair of test jacks for each analog output is provided on the front face of the display module. Attach
mA meter probes to these jacks to check loop current without opening the circuit to insert the meter. Refer to Figure 14
and Figure 15 for test jacks location.
Warning Do not open the transmitter enclosure in a classified area.
3.5 Menu buttons and access
The main menu can be accessed in two ways: Intrusive (opening the enclosure and pressing menu buttons) and Non-
Intrusive (keeping the enclosure closed and using the magnet and reed switches).
3.5.1 Intrusive Access
The menu buttons provide access to the Millennium II’s Main Menu options allowing the user to review and configure
existing options under sub menus and perform calibration. There are three visible main menu buttons that are
located directly under the display screen. They are designated ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. See Figure 14 and Figure 15.
3.5.2 Non-Intrusive Access/Magnetic Reed switch Access
Accessing the main menu and making a selection can also be done via an attached magnet and Reed switches.
The Reed switches are located in the 8 o clock, 6 o clock and 4 o clock positions on the face plate and indicated by
horse shoe shape print magnets. To select a Reed switch, place and hold the magnet close to the transmitter enclosure
at 8, 6 or 4 o’clock position. See Figure 14 and Figure 15.
Note: Menu buttons and reed switches provide the same functions. The term switch is used throughout to represent
menu buttons and reed switches.
Figure 15: Switch positions
Note: menu buttons and reed
switch provide the same functions.
Menu button = reed switch,
indicated by ‘ ’