Craftsman 139.53661SRT1 Garage Door Opener User Manual

Operation of Your Opener
Activate the opener with any of the following:
The Remote Control: Hold push button down until
the door starts to move.
The Door Control: Hold push button down until the
door starts to move.
The Outdoor Key Switch or Keyless Entry.
(See Accessories)
When the opener is activated with the safety
reversing sensor installed and correcUy aligned:
1. If open, the door will close. If closed, the door will
2. If closing, the door will reverse.
3. If opening, the door willstop (allowing space for
entry and exit of pets and for fresh air).
4. If the door has been stopped in a partially open
position, it will close.
5. If obstructed while closing, the door will reverse.
6. if obstructed while opening, the door will stop.
7. The garage door will reverse in the closingcycle when
the invisiblebeam is broken,if fullyopen, the door will
notclose when the beam is broken.The sensor has
no effect in the opening cycle.
If the sensor is not installed or not aligned correctly,
the door won't close from any remote control. You can
close the door with the Door Control, the Outdoor Key
Switch, or Keyless Entry, however, if you activate
them until down travel is complete. Ifyou release them
too soon, the door will reverse.
The opener lights will blink for 5 seconds when the
safety reversing sensor causes the door to reverse.
The Opener Lights willturn on under the following
conditions:When the opener isinitiallyplugged in; when
the power is interrupted;when the opener isactivated.
They willturn offautomaticallyafter 4-1/2 minutes or
provide constant light when the Light feature on the
Premium Control Console is activated. SECURITY,I,
models: Lights will also turnon when someone walks
through the open garage door. Bulb size is 75 watts
Weak or broken springs could allow an open
door to fall (either rapidly or unexpectedly),
resulting in serious injury, death or property
damage. If possible, use the emergency
release rope and handle only when the door is
fully closed.
Release Handle
(Pull Down)
Manual disconnect
The lockout feature
prevents the trolley
from reconnecting
automatically. Pull the
emergency handle
down and back (toward
the opener). The door
can then be raised and
lowered manually as
often as necessary. To
disengage the lookout
feature, pull the
emergency handle
straight down. The
trolley will reconnect on
the next UP or DOWN
To open the door
The door should be
fully closed if possible.
Pulldown on the red
emergency release
handle and liftthe door
manually. To
reconnect the door to
the opener, press the
Door Control push
O _ . Trolley
Release Handle
Towards Opener)
Lockout position
Operation of the Door Controls (see page 18)
(SECURITY.I, models: See additional programming features, next page.)
Press the lighted push button to open or close the
Press again to reverse the door during the closing
cycle or to stop the door while it'sopening.
Premium Console:
Light feature: Press the large round Light button, if
the opener light is off, itwill tum on. If the opener
light is on, (even inthe 4-1/2 minute automatic
cycle) itwill turn off.
But ifyou use the Light button to turn the lights on
and then activate the opener, the lights will turn off
after 4-1/2 minutes.
The Light buttonwill not controlthe opener lights
when the door is in motion.
Premium Console (cont.):
Lock feature: The Lock feature isdesigned to
prevent operation of the door from remote controls.
However, the door will open and close from the
Door Control, the Outdoor Key Switch and the
Keyless Entry Accessories.
To activate: Press and hold the small round Lock
button for 2 seconds. The push button light will
flash as long as the Lock feature is on.
To turn off: Press and hold the Lock button again
for 2 seconds.The push button light will stop
flashing. The Lock feature will also turn off
whenever the SRT button on the opener panel is